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Nothing sounds better than a meditation plan

Discover endless ways to handle stress and enjoy tranquility.

Relaxing music playlists
Meditation masterclasses
Breathing exercises
Yoga lessons
Bedtime stories for kids
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Backed by experts

We’re always by your side to walk you through the basics and advance you through your plan at your own pace.

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Designed for kids, too

Adults love what meditation does for them. And our program caters to school-aged kids, too. Did you know that meditation can help with emotional and behavioral issues? Try it.

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Create meditation playlists

Put together the perfect meditation playlist using our library of 50+ sounds — a number that keeps growing.

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What the world is saying about Top Meditation Plan

Bedtime stories for adults? Lol, I laughed when I first saw that. But I’m sold. There’s no better way to end the day. You need to try this.
I’ve been using meditation techniques for years off and on. When a psychologist suggested meditation to help calm my daughter in certain situations, I knew it would help. And Top Meditation Plan was the right site to help her on her path.
This app changed my life. Full stop. I have nothing more to say.
The breathing exercises are way better than anything you can find on YouTube. 100% recommend.
I’m brand new to meditation so I needed a plan. And this app definitely delivered. I feel like an expert now.
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